A review and comparison of petite gray skinnies

I have been on a hunt for gray skinnies and recently decided to order a pair from one of my favorite petite-friendly stores: Banana Republic. I’ve had success with their denim before, so despite the steep price (I had a discount), I ordered a pair of gray skinnies.


I’d recently tried some gray skinnies at LOFT, but the backside view was, to put it nicely, undesirable due to too-large pockets. However, during an impromtu trip to my local outlet mall, I ran across a similar pair at LOFT Outlet (find a store near you). They were not the same as the ones at the regular store. Indeed, they looked much better, so I picked up a pair of the Modern Skinnies.


A Comparison:

The Loft Outlet (LO for short) skinnies were a shade darker than the BRs. They feature light whisker washing around the hip area, which is a turn off for me. However, I found the darker color to be flattering enough to make up for it. Also the BR skinnies were significantly longer. If hemmed, I would have lost most of the “skinniness” around the ankle.

LO skinnies (my shirt is kinda covering the whisker wash):


BR skinnies:


Here are a side and back view comparison (please excuse the less-than-great quality of these photos):

LO skinnies (note the distressed finish at pockets and hems):



Br skinnies:



I was surprised, but I liked the cheaper LO skinnies ($35 on sale, $70 regular price) more than the more expensive ($80-something retail) BR version, despite the fact that the BR jeans were a little softer. (I do have a pair or dark indigo denim BR skinnies that I love. They “scrunch” at the bottom too, but somehow it doesn’t bother me in the super-dark color).

Readers: what do you think about these jeans?

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