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A conservative dresser

I’ve always dressed pretty conservatively, mostly because, as a petite, it is sometimes hard to find clothes that really fit correctly, and tailoring gets expensive! It has really just been within the past few years that I’ve been trying to make my outfits more flattering, fun, and interesting. An easy way to do this is by effective accessorizing. Yesterday I just got a couple of new items that I think are both fun and interesting!

First is this silver leaf pendant from World Market. I’d been eyeing it for a couple of months, and finally figured, at only $14.99, why not go for it?

The second is this pair of silver strappy wedges by New York Transit, purchased from DSW.com. I bought them to wear to a wedding, but I’m hoping to wear them with other things as well.

I’d ordered some other wedding shoe possibilities along with the wedges, and now I have to go return them at DSW. Might do a little more shoe shopping while I’m there…